Swamp Hotel Mechelen

This hotel lies “deep” within the forest in Mechelen. (actually just a short walk from the road :P) The plan was to build a big hotel here, but because of the wet ground they could not finish the building, the first few stories were already build but not more.

I visited this locatation when I had some spare time on a trip to Belgium, see my earlier blogpost about Gameforce!

We first went to “Stedelijk slachthuis” in Antwerp, but we found out this was in use as a storage facility, and the other part was in use by a theatre poduction “Jesus Christ superstar”. There was only one room “abandoned” with a really strong animal smell, rat noises in the background but also this part was used as a storage.

On to the swamp hotel. It was really easy to find but we had to walk a small bit into the small forest where the hotel is. You can clearly see construction has begun but they never finished.
When visiting, bring some lights, it will be dark inside! Also. watch out for the holes that were everywhere in the ground, you don’t want to fall in because some of them went straight to the first floor!



Post Author: Jasper Krap